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To bring out the best of the best in each child. That all children regardless of their state of being be given an equal chance to share and provide their uniqueness and talents.


To hone each child not only with academic excellence, but with high logical thinking and socially responsible, competitive and spiritually and emotionally ready to lead their generation.


To bring out the best of the best in each child. That all children regardless of their state of being be given an equal chance to share and provide their uniqueness and talents.


To hone each child not only with academic excellence, but with high logical thinking and socially responsible, competitive and spiritually and emotionally ready to lead their generation.

School Programs

Our programs and services are carefully prepared and implemented by licensed teachers, certified instructors and compassionate, committed and competent professionals.

Questions for Brilliant Juniors?

Questions for Brilliant Juniors?


-RJ P. Domingo, mother of Chuck (Kindergarten 1)

My son, Chuck, started at Brilliant Juniors during the summer of 2014. Just like any other parent, we wanted a school that will help nurture his young mind and boost his budding social skills. Chuck started as a crybaby who didn’t want to be left in school. For weeks, it was the same morning spectacle but the teachers have all been patient with him. They did not force Chuck to join, instead they found the perfect timing to push Chuck and finally encouraged him to participate. It was not an easy transition, Chuck still had his moments when he would cry for no reason but the teachers fully understood him and they knew when to show empathy and when it’s time to put the foot down. As months passed, we were quite pleased with Chuck’s learning and social skills development. We attribute his growth to the careful, dedicated, and patient attention given to her by the Brilliant Juniors’ teachers. Our son who was initially reluctant to be left in school has transitioned into a young boy excited to learn, interact and play. We never imagined such a transition would be possible despite maturity expectations for a preschooler. The teachers deserve well-earned compliments for attending to our most precious investment – our child. Quality care, development, and education are often elusive but the teachers’ proven attention to our son, and the outcome of such care (he’s more outgoing, engaged to learn, and attentive to others) are priceless! My son’s development far exceeded our own expectations. We will always be grateful to Brilliant Juniors for the partnership we have shared and I know Chuck will always remember his first school with the fondest of memories. Thank you so much and Keep It Up!!

- A. Confessor, father of Arkin (Kindergarten 2)

Our decision to send our son to BJAEC has been the best investment we have made as parents. We could not be more pleased with our Arkin’s emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development. From the school, head down to the teachers and staff, they all foster a supportive and caring atmosphere where each kid thrives. The school faculty’s creative, loving, dedicated and compassionate method of education has been key to my son’s progress. I consider BJAEC a gift to children, to parents and to the entire community. Above and beyond the loving and nurturing care they give to the kids, they also provide immense amount of coaching to my wife and I teaching us positive communication, effective and loving discipline, and help navigating some of the challenges unique to Arkin. I could be more specific and discuss about our entire experience with BJAEC for hours but, in the end, to know that my son felt loved and supported throughout his critical years is what’s most important to me and I am very thankful for his time here. And so with all that being said, we give Brilliant Juniors’ Academic Enhancement Center our sincerest thanks and highest recommendation.

- Jacky Austria, mother of Jeorgina

  What impressed me at Brilliant Juniors is that the teachers are so persistent that the kids will leave the school with knowledge. Even the principal is hands on for nurturing the kids. I sometimes thought that I am paying less for their hard work. But it’s not all about learning, they also invest in a lot of stuff like they have this mini bank, the kitchen set which my daughter really loves, and they also have place where kids could take a nap and a lot of toys for learning. Home is where the kids are planted but preschool is a place where seeds starts to grow. It is the most important stepping stone of who and what your kids are going to be and in Brilliant Juniors its about nourishing your kids with love, knowledge, respect and more attributes that will make my daughter not just a full starter pack knowledge for her next milestone but will also make sure that it will blossom as the most beautiful flower.

- Edmund Reyes, father to our Nursery kid Ked

Since my son Ked started studying at Brilliant Juniors he did not just learn the usual ABC but most of all he learned more values and became more responsible. thank you BJAEC!

-Shanni Oca, mother of Josh and Jianni Oca

“I’ve learned about Brilliant Juniors last April 2013. I was looking for a summer tutorial class for my eldest son. They helped my son to read and practice the alphabet plus the Math. On that year my eldest son finished K2 with average of 94.6% 🙂 now he finished his grade 1 with an average of 91.42%. Thank you so much BJAEC for the foundation that you’ve taught my eldest son! And for my younger son, I enrolled him at BJAEC for Nursery and Kinder 1. You taught him to be independent and people friendly :). You also embedded in him good values. He can now read and write 🙂 Thank you BJAEC for taking good care of my sons. Looking forward for another school year with you! God bless :)”

- Nelle Domingo, mommy of Gabriel Joaquin Domingo

“We are very happy to have found a school that not only helps my child to be good in academics but provides a loving and nurturing environment as well. We were very careful in choosing a school for my son as he has some developmental issues. We wanted a school that would not disregard our son’s individual needs. When we approached Teacher Christine, she helped us understand what our son really needed and she has been a partner to us in our child’s growth and development since then. It was initially a struggle- Teacher Christine even had to pick-up our son from our house to make him attend his classes until he eventually become ready and enthusiastic in going to school to see his teaches and classmates and learn. His behavior has improved so much and he can socialize better now. We are very impressed at how BJAEC managed to unleash my child’s abilities- he can now read, write and even do simple math, he is very good in spelling too. Some of our friends and relatives also noticed that his learning are advanced for a kindergarten level. We will forever be thankful for all the knowledge, love and patience that BJAEC has given our son. Kudos to Teacher Christine and all the teachers of Brilliant Juniors! You definitely set the bar high.”

- Gem Naz, mommy of Nisha Naz

“It has already been the middle of the school year when we opted to transfer our daughter to Brilliant Juniors Academic Enhancement Center. The management was very accomodating and supportive. I noticed the instant change in my daughter. Not only is she able to do academics but more importantly she is able to effectively convey her thoughts to her classmates and teachers. Despite my busy schedule, I noticed that Nisha grew in leaps from the time we decided to enroll her in this school. We are looking forward for another fun-filled school year ahead. We are truly happy. :D”

- Raquel Bautista, mommy of Emielle Bautista

“Hi teacher Christine, this is just a short thank u message po..in the past 2 year stay of our daughter at BJAEC, we have become part of your family, where friendship is formed not only w/ classmates but between parents and teachers. Our daughter developed a deep love of learning and good study habit. We really appreciate all your effort in molding our daughter to be a good girl. So far enrolling in your school is one of the best decision we have made for our daughter. And as stated by my husband in one of his comments in BJAEC post, your school is highly recommended po..thank u”

-Sharon Dimaculangan

“Dear Brilliant Juniors, Congratulations to a very extraordinary job well done..for patiently teaching your students, imparting values and molding your students to become learned, talented and well-mannered and bringing out the best out of every unique individual. I could personally attest that your school not only do your duty as teachers but really made your students part of the precious family of the school you built out of love. Your center is truly amazing and a blessing to all parents. We are very proud to what Khristel has become and for discovering her capabilities in helping her expand her horizon, Good luck, more power and may God continuously bless you in all your undertakings. :)”

- Flor Dava, Thea's mom (tutorial kid)

“Hi teacher Christine! We would just like to thank you for being of a big help with a working mommy like myself. Thanks for always being patient with my Thea..thank you for always motivating her to do good in school and her attitude. I know, I would still be enrolling her at brilliant juniors this coming school year and years that she will still be needing your guidance. Thanks again! and hurray for a job well done!”