Another blast for the Buwan ng Wika 2018

Another blast for the Buwan ng Wika 2018

This month of August, BJAEC celebrated the Buwan ng Wika with the theme, “Wikang Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik”.


To kick off the event, dancers at the Rizal Technological University made a wonderful intermission numbers performing folk dances such as the Banga from Kalinga province and Tinikling.


This year, students jived and danced with different folk and festival music to showcase their dancing skills on the stage. Furthermore, parents who are usually observers and audiences also took part in the celebration. Each group of parents gladly presented their booth with their respective provinces, namely, Davao, Baguio, Cebu, Guimaras, and Zamboanga. Food and souvenirs were also available in the booths that everyone enjoyed.


Games were also prepared for the kids and parents. The pabitin games for kids made them so excited for each of them got to take home a price. The almost forgotten sipa was experienced again by the dads while the moms got their tongues twisted with Filipino tongue twisters.


One memorable event for everyone and hope to see a lot more this year.

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