Community helpers lesson is one of the most important topics in teaching kindergarten,

….not only kids get to experience wearing and acting like grown-ups but more importantly, they learn how to respect and give importance to different occupations regardless of the nature of its work. Furthermore, kids learn best when they get to experience what is being taught to them more than using pictures. In addition, this is our way of honoring our dear community helpers for their hard work:)

Here at Brilliant Juniors’, every Monday, kids can be anything they want to be on our “Career Day!”. Selected students prepare themselves to carry out one community helper by introducing and acting what they do in the community in the class. Some portrayed doctors, nurses, firemen, street sweepers and many more.  Some of them even have brought props, like a firetruck, broomstick, and medical kits.

To get more updates on our CAREER DAY you may check out and visit our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: BRILLIANT JUNIORS PAGE

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