A Better World for UN2018

A Better World for UN2018

“Let’s make a better world hand in hand”

…is the theme of this years’ United Nation 2018 in which instilling the value of love, compassion and unity is the main goal of the program. Together, teachers, parents, and students helped one another to make a wonderful and successful event. Countries who were members of the UNITED NATIONs were presented by booths and children performed a very energetic dance and a solemn song to honor the celebration. Furthermore, delegates from international embassies joined the event; from the embassy of Spain were Administrative Assistant, Ms. Carol Garcia and Communications and Social Media Officer, Ana Jordan while Mr. William Tan – Portfolio Manager represented Australian Embassy in the Philippines. In addition, Brilliant Juniors is also lucky to have the Official ambassador of Bangladesh Mr. Asad Alam Siam, to grace the activity. All of them shared facts about their culture and gave out presents and prizes for kids. After the program, kids get to enjoy the booths by playing each country’s game and receive treats and freebies.

Indeed this is another memorable experience for the kids as well as parents, something that we could always look back and reminisce with our children once they grow up.

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