Facts & Questions

Facts & Questions

1)      Does the school meet your basic needs?

With busy schedules and bumper to bumper traffic, location, travel time and access to transportation of the school would be an important factor. Parents would like to easily drop their kids and fetch them without hassle. As for Brilliant Juniors that is located in a condominium community and is situated along a street that can easily be accessed will indeed answer those concerns. Furthermore, being located in a condominium community, Brilliant Juniors ensure students’ safety with 24-hour security along with the CCTV cameras installed in the school itself.


2) What’s the student-teacher ratio?

When assessing a school, it’s important for parents to consider how much individual attention their child will receive. Brilliant Juniors limits its size to a maximum of 20: 1 with 1-2 extra teachers depending on for preschool and kindergarten and 20:1 for elementary level, a class size smaller compared to what the DepEd requires of 35 learners with a maximum of no more than 50 students. This is done to ensure learning and equal attention to among students.


3) How are behavior problems handled?

Brilliant Juniors’ values discipline and obedience thus, the school follows self-reflection, reinforcement method and other more tactics in handling misbehaving and students with good behaviors. Behavior charts and tickets earned helps the teachers in monitoring children’s behavior. Children get rewards through their tickets and collected stamps while quiet time is given to kids who misbehave for them to reflect on what they did. This way they would be able to understand why they got reprimanded.


4) What distinguishes your school from others?

Brilliant Juniors unlike other preschools that offer basic lessons of ABC and 123, proposes a more comprehensive program that trains children to think logically, read with comprehension and apply it to solving problems. The schools’ goal is to ensure that our children will be able to be Grade 1ready, as an independent reader who can critically and logically understand tasks given to them. The school also offers basic Chinese lessons and painting lesson starting at Kindergarten 1 (4 years old). The school also develops their confidence through dancing, singing, acting through activities like United Nations, Buwan ng Wika, Career Day and many more. Brilliant Juniors is still exploring avenues for children to discover their potentials such as Robotics, Science and Math Clubs and Summer Camps.


 5) How much homework is there?

Brilliant Juniors follow the “No Homework Policy” during weekends, this is to allow more bonding time between the students and their parents without the burden of doing too much homework. As per weekday homework, the school’s rule is to give only 2 home works per day for preschool and kindergarten while at least 3 homework for the elementary level. Yet, the school encourages parents to review their kids, especially on camera words and writing.


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