Work from home for Parents

Work from home for Parents

Having kids at home is tough, especially if your kids are playful and hyper and it’s even harder now with the COVIC-19 pandemic turning everything around. Many people have been affected by the current situation including parents who need to work from home and look after kids at the same time.

For many parents, this is the first time they have had to work from home, and the first time they have had to entertain their children during the day – mom and dad’s everywhere are struggling to adjust. And as much as we want to admit the difficult situation, we also have to admit that there is a big opportunity here to grow closer as a family! Here are some tips from the BJAEC family to hopefully help with the work from the home situation as a parent:

  1. Communicate openly
    Be honest with your employees and colleagues about the change in scenery. Juggling childcare and remote work mean you won’t always be as responsive or available and that should be COMPLETELY okay and understandable. It is fine and normal just as long as you let your employees know your situation. You, WE are all in this together! Make sure to update or give your workmates a heads up when you think your hours and work schedule will change. Communication is key!
  2. Schedule things for your kids
    We totally get it if your work requires you to stay busy the whole day (but don’t forget to get some meals in between and meals WITH YOUR KIDS!) but if you really don’t have the time, make sure to schedule activities for your kids such as;
    – Coloring (workbook)
    – Drawing (workbook)
    – Painting
    – Reading
    – Puzzle games
    – playing strategy games on the computer or a video game console
    even a bunch of worksheets just to keep them productively occupied throughout the day.You can print the schedule and stick it up somewhere so your kids can refer to it on their own. Your kid’s schedule could also include responsibilities like household chores and schoolwork. You can even include in their schedule online classes or virtual playdates!
  3. Manage Interruptions
    No matter how many exciting activities you plan for your kids, they’ll still interrupt your work sometimes and it’s not just your kids, either. Household chores, your spouse, phone calls from family members, pets, and more will all compete for your time. Since you can’t prevent interruptions entirely, manage them by setting smart boundaries. Set aside some do-not-disturb hours for your more focused work. Make sure your kids have a quiet activity scheduled during that time, and if you live with your partner, cooperate so that one person has do-not-disturb time while the other is in charge of child care and urgent tasks.
    During your do-not-disturb time, put up a big, visible sign to remind your family that you shouldn’t be interrupted. If you have smaller children who can’t yet read, you can use a stop sign symbol, a strip of tape across the door, or some other signal to indicate that you’re unavailable.

It might not feel like it right now, but once you get into the rhythm of working from home with your kids, you might decide that you want to work this way for the long term. Outside circumstances are making everything harder right now, but as we adjust, things get better. A lot of parents love remote work. They even find it easier to be productive at home than they do in the office. And the biggest advantage is that you get to spend more time with your children.


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