We are confident that with our expertise and experience, our qualified teachers can provide the children with a deserving journey that will be very helpful, fruitful and a most-rewarding learning experience.


To bring out the best of the best in each child. That all children regardless of their state of being be given an equal chance to share and provide their uniqueness and talents.


To hone each child not only with academic excellence, but with high logical thinking and socially responsible, competitive and spiritually and emotionally ready to lead their generation.

"A tree with the bright light bulb brilliant juniors logo, and the word Life, atop representing life goals of learning in the following educational areas: History, Science, Health, Music, Arithmetic, Art, Citizenship, Geography, Language, and Literacy."

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Our History

Starting with modest roots in 2006, Brilliant Juniors Academic Enhancement Center was nothing more than a tutorial center known as Top Kids. Our love for children and desire to help them soar high as the name implies, has always prided itself in helping children meet their maximum potential. Our students have always been high achievers, winning honors & medals, succeeding at becoming the best performers, receive special citations for performance, even winning awards at Quiz Bee and inter-school championships.

Top Kids became a second home to the pre-school and elementary students enjoying the fun learning experience inside a small condo unit, extending through the corridor and even to the rooftop of the condominium tower. Students spent full evenings for what was supposed to be 1-2 hours of after school programs, as students and parents became friends. Parents were wondering at times where their children were because they were staying for dinner. They would enjoy it so much that they would choose to spend their weekends learning at Top Kids as well!

The center introduced other fun and rewarding learning activities. Mini-contests were held as a hearty competition among the same grade levels reviewing for examinations. Computer-aided learning programs were utilized. Sakamoto and Singaporean Math was also applied. The kids had a blast with Science experimentations! We planned amazing art projects, awesome field trips, baking lessons, clay art, soccer clinic, etc. There is nothing that we didn’t do! The activities did not stop even after the school year. Summer programs began. Top Kids was excited to offer reading readiness.

Top Kids became a household with the parents and students saying:
“Thanks to TOP KIDS, my son became an honor student!”
“Chinese subject became easy with TOP KIDS, dad!”
“Mom, I want I want to bake cookies. Can I call TOP KIDS?”
“My three-year old can now read because of TOP KIDS.”
“I am happy my children are with TOP KIDS. I have no problems with their school work.”

The number of students grew month after month and year after year with only simple word-of-mouth. A condo space could no longer accommodate the students coming in for tutorial. Hence, the construction of a bigger center, which is now known as Brilliant Juniors Academic Enhancement Center, opened in 2013 at the ground floor of the Dayton Tower of the California Garden Square Condominium.

Our Educational Philosophy - FUN which is to take on fascinating undertakings to nurture tomorrow's leaders. We strive to in three areas: Create, Nurture, Trust. "Brilliant Juniors Academic Enhancement Center aims to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow by approaching every child as if their capacity for knowledge & potential was unlimited! We believe in FUN content that is both rich and purposeful is the foundation for learning."


This is the STEAM Section

Our three core philosophies are to: Create by finding unique solutions, NUrture by encouraging and supporting, and Trust by promoting honesty. " We bring out the best in each child. All children regardless of their state of being are given an equal chance to share and provide their uniqueness and talents. This values form Future Leaders."

We are accredited!


Accreditation from the Philippines Department of Education. Authority to Operate Nursery Kindergarten Course. Permit number: P-286, s. 2015