Pre-K Brilliant Juniors

Lots of Questions

Oh, there will be questions… and lots of them! This is where your child’s journey to becoming a brilliant junior begins. BJAEC teachers provide the appropriate foundation for learning by using these questions to gain the child’s interest. We help them learn to analyze topics as if they are junior scientist developing their own hypothesis and theories. This naturally inquisitive nature of children is developed to help them form solid experiences through real-life studies. We want to prompt them to ask more questions and search for more answers. This curious nature sparks intellect and enhances learning engagement.

Readiness Begins Here

BJAEC wants to equip Pre-Schoolers to enter Pre-K socially ready and then into Kindergarten with all the tools necessary. We have integrated literacy, Math & Science, Engineering, Art, Social Studies, and Creative Arts into the program. Readiness is not only shapes, numbers, colors, and letters though! We realize the importance for your child to express themselves, behave appropriately, and get along with friends to succeed! Our children are the future of tomorrow.