Out of This World Experiences

Out of This World Experiences

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Welcome to BJAEC and the imaginary world of real-life for kids. We use the fascination of real-life that kids experience as a staging ground for teaching. With regular field trips to places like KidZania, museums, aquariums, zoos, and bringing in guest to keep every moment for our children magical. You won’t find any of our competitors meeting the same standards of BJAEC.

This Magical World… is nothing shy of AMAZING!!! We want to teach children to hold onto that wonder and awe so they can make learning what it should be… FUN! We teach them how real-life is nothing less than amazing. Kids are full of questions and we love guiding them in the direction where they can find answers!


Group Learning is crucial to teaching children to work in team oriented settings. Children learn how to help one another, socially interact, and learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This Social development holds just as much, if not more importance as any other subject they learn in the classroom.

STEAM Learning is Fundamental!!! We develop ways to help children learn how to investigate this magical and fascinating world through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. We harmonize FUN with STEAM into our everyday curriculum by utilizing enhanced activities and outings and get the children to critically think about the world around them!

Lateral Thinking requires children to think outside-the-box!!! Our teachers are trained to find Fascinating Undertakings to Nurture lateral thinking (or just have FUN). Our lessons are methodical in nature to guide children to explore the world around them.

STEAM Activities & Outings

In-Class Activities

BJAEC focuses on developing the children’s intellect through small groups. Throughout each week, children participate in activities in each of the following areas:


Children participate in exciting experiments that help with their growth and teach them scientific inquiry. Our brilliant junior scientists work with tools such as  scales, blocks, magnets,magnifying glasses, and gain knowledge of how things work by testing, playing, and analyzing.


BJAEC children work with different tools that teach them how to use today’s technology. This includes working from a personal computer using tools like Pocket Zoo. We teach them how to use technology to find solutions and learn!


Children are given creative challenges which also require math skills to build with blocks or legos. A FUN exercise is easily turned into a junior engineering project! Smaller and easier challenges are used to build their confidence and eventually will lead to children feeling confident enough to take on harder tasks.


BJAEC assigns children challenges that include counting, sorting, matching, measuring, sequencing, and ordering to teach mathematical functions, methods, and practices. Children will use tools such as rulers, scales, thermometers, calculators, abacuses, and other tools to learn how to approach these things.

Creative Arts

BJAEC has a variety of different creative arts that we encourage our little brilliant juniors to participate in. These areas include painting, drawing, arts & crafts, paper mache sculpting, and scrapbooking. Children can choose to participate in live plays where they can sing, dance, play instruments, act, and make props.

Language & Literacy

Our Children excel in the area of literacy, writing their own stories, keeping personal journals, and exploring a variety of new books! We have interactive games to help increase their literacy abilities, and give them stronger alphabetic and phonological skills. Our brilliant juniors truly love reading. We teach English, Tagalog, and Chinese!

Outings & Field Trips

BJAEC regularly conducts outings or field trips with the children to get them to explore the world outside the classroom and have FUN. Children need more than just a classroom to learn, succeed, and grow. Below are some examples of activities BJAEC does regularly:

Christmas Play

Zoo Time

Space Fest 2016

Tae Kwon Do

Nutrition Day

Science Time

Fire Truck Guest


Day At The Park


Museum Visit